Enterprise MediaWiki Consortium

MediaWiki is an important data management tool.

The Enterprise MediaWiki Consortium is an organization dedicated to funding software for, and promoting the use of, MediaWiki within companies and organizations.

MediaWiki is wiki software best known for powering Wikipedia and its affiliated sites. But it is also heavily used in companies, organizations and government agencies, for wikis both public and private.

MediaWiki itself is developed and maintained by the Wikimedia Foundation, the nonprofit organization that runs Wikipedia. MediaWiki also has thousands of extensions, skins and other related software. Some of these are maintained by the Wikimedia Foundation, while others are maintained by Wikimedia Deutschland, WikiToLearn, Wikia and other organizations and companies. But there are many other useful extensions, skins, etc. that do not have an organization maintaining them. That is where we come in. We provide financial backing to maintain and improve the otherwise-unsupported software that our members deem important.

The EMC is also committed to promoting MediaWiki as enterprise software, in person and online. We believe that MediaWiki, in conjunction with its extensions, offers functionality that no other software provides, free or proprietary.

The EMC is not affiliated with Wikimedia. Nonetheless, we believe that our goals are aligned. The Wikimedia Foundation's chief mission is to provide free access to knowledge via Wikipedia and other resources; but one of their secondary goals is to support outside users of the MediaWiki software. That is our goal as well, by helping to keep MediaWiki-related software running and useful.


An organization can become a member of the consortium at any of three levels:

The following are members of the Enterprise MediaWiki Consortium:

To discuss joining, or to contact us for any other reason, please write to info@enterprisemediawikiconsortium.org.

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